Welcome to Bloom Empire
Your premiere procurement and supply chain company

Cutting Costs & Increasing Efficiency With Outsourced Procurement & Supply Chain Solutions

Welcome to Bloom Empire

Your premiere procurement and supply chain company focused on providing Asian markets the opportunity to outsource their procurement processes to place a higher emphasis on their core competencies, cut costs, and increase operational efficiency.

Outsourced Purchasing Done Right

Bloom Empire was founded on the principle that today’s businesses are in need of placing a larger, more focused emphasis on their core competencies by allocating most of their resources to these particular areas. The processes and operations that a team understands and performs well at should always be the larger focus, so that leadership can ensure and drive operational efficiency all across the board.

However, what if crucial operations and processes like supply chain, sourcing, and procurement are not in the organization’s list of core competencies?

Bloom Empire provides the outsourced procurement or supply chain services that will allow organizations the ability concentrate on those core competencies while also saving their assets, cutting costs, and ensuring that the crucial tasks are always taken care of.

A typical organization spends half of its revenue on procured goods and services.

With a statistic like that, it would seem imperative that organizations find ways to reduce spend in these areas, so that they can enhance their bottom line, right? Well, here at Bloom Empire, our services are specifically designed to help our clients increase their bottom line while placing a larger emphasis on what they do best as a business.

Sourcing & Procurement

By outsourcing your sourcing, supply chain, and procurement processes, you can relieve yourself of high costs, risk, and supplier relations. At Bloom, we provide our clients with professionals who have the required knowledge, skills, understanding, and expertise across the wide range of areas that involve the sourcing, supply chain, and procurement processes.

When working with Bloom, you can eliminate fragmented buying activity and achieve strategic value that far exceeds simply cutting costs. Procurement outsourcing can deliver large potential savings as compared to other traditional methods.

For companies who struggle with “maverick buying” and other ineffective processes after a large investment in resources, Bloom is here to help. In our minds, we understand that no two businesses are ever the same. And for that very reason, we work to completely personalize our services for each individual client, so that we are sure that we target their needs, offer a flexible and adaptable model for our customers to engage with, and exceptional customer service to walk our clients through the process with every step.

Forget about sourcing, supply chain, and procurement. Instead, place your largest emphasis on your most important commodity, your customers.